Why does he keep messaging me at night and then disappearing?

He is a friend of mine and we have gotten quite close. He he's even told me he has feelings for me... And I figured because we talk all day every day.
He is a "night owl" and has been for years. Lately he messages me at night like always... But then disappears!
I feel as if he is reeling me in and then letting me go.

Why would he do this? Sometimes he mimics what I do. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and he had messaged me, and I replied right back. And he had gone on and on a bit, but my phone was on silent and I'd already gone back to sleep. It's been since then that each night he is doing this.

It's not the first time he has mimicked. There was a few weeks ago where I was out of touch for a few days and he then took a few days to reply back to me!

We always text, that us sort of just what we do. A done is always texting people, always the guy with this phone out. So I think it's his nature that has kept me in this loop with him, like instead of us talking on the phone.

Anyway, what gives? It SOURS my mood at night when he does this. He has done this in the past, but I'm wondering if this is because of the other night... I know how he is, I just know it's a conscious effort.


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  • You have become part of his party night routine, something to kill time before the next event begins or the next stop in bar hopping or alone at the bar table waiting on people using the rest room. When he gets uncomfortable or bored with what you are saying, he goes into mimic phase to entertain himself. Alcohol makes people think they are so funny, smart, elite and free of today's problems.
    Maybe there's something in this for you, else you wouldn't be available or change your phone number? In other words, why understand him instead of just dismissing him? What's in it for you?

    • Thank you. He does not drink however, also he is always home when he does this. Usually after work or after he's been around a friends house

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    • Thank you again, I have started to feel he is not a friend and kind of using me to pass time. He's not even said anything since he disappeared last night. I feel angry because of this because again the toyed with feeling is back

    • You could toy back but it's best to run away, time better served

  • I would say get rid of him, he is playing you. Sorry all the signs, playing are there. e, g reeling you in, and then letting you go. If someone keeps doing this, its very bad.

    Seriously get away from him, before you get seriously hurt.

    • if he comes back, because you are giving him attention. do not reply. It doens't matter if he has feelings for you, he will could be lying about that. A player, alway lies about how he or she feels. Do fall for his trap again. Do not reply to any messages, and just completely ignore, if need be block all contact from him.

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    • Thank you, I have wanted to keep the friendship but he seems to keep toying regardless!

    • I am telling me he is toying you. Move away from him asap please. no problem

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