Should I ask him to be more than friends?

I started talking to this guy about a month ago and we have hung out a few times. Now that I went to a party with him a few weeks ago and we hooked up then we went to prom this weekend (had a blast) and hooked up I like him now...He is really sweet and everything I want in a guy except he has A TON of girl friends and he's a freshman when I am a junior and he keeps hitting on my best friend. He texts me often and usually keeps the conversation going. Our parents have gotten really close. I am kind of starting to like him a lot more than I planed because we have so much in common and he is so easy to be myself around. At dinner I looked at my friend when we were acting dumb and said "this is why we are single lol" and he smiled and said "I don't know why you are still single." I would like to try a relationship with him, but I don't know if I should or not. What do you guys think?

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  • Why would you want to be with a freshmen

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