He used to text me daily, now he doesn't. Help?

Maybe I'm overthinking, but I would like to hear opinions as well.
I met a guy about a month ago. We texted daily: from morning to night; he texted first 90% of the time. I have to make it clear that we aren't dating or anything. He likes me (or that's what he said 2 weeks ago), and I like him, but for now we are just friends.

Anyhow, this weekend, he went to another city to visit some relatives for a week. He haven't texted me since then, not even to ask how am I, or what I have been doing. I've tried to text him a couple of times, and we have been texting for no more than 5 minutes. He sounded distant, busty, and unavailable.

I'm not sure if he is sending me mixed signals or he is just that busy or what.
Besides, I feel like I have to give him space and time, but I was wondering, how much should I wait to text him and ask him if everything is alright?


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  • if he can't make time for you move on because he can make time for everything else but barley replies to you at times he needs to be upfront about weather or not he's busy or whats up on how he feels about you or make it clear because most likely he could say he busy but won't he's being immature on his part when he can flat out say im busy or whatever the case is instead of playing games and leaving you clueless you are probably worrying wondering if he's okay and he's probably fine but making time for other people let him come to you and keep your options open don't let yourself get attach to a guy who can't be upfront, honest, text you back when he can or make time for you hun