Guys reply back to a girl all the time?

So this girl was texting my friend (guy) a million times and he never replied back to a single text of hers. Do all guys do this is this a way to show a girl u aren't interested by not replying? Or do u still tell her to talk to u even if you don't want to text to her?

Or do guys reply even if you don't want to talk to her?


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  • She needs to back off clearly he doesn't want to talk to her.
    Even if he did the fact that your blowing up is phone is probably pissing him off.
    Some guys tell you but you can just block people from texting you these days so you don't even have to tell them to stop

    • What! Oh yea I forgot about that lol

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    • Tell you to shut up

    • They do that if they don't want to talk to u

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