Two people are the complete opposite. Will it work out in the long run?

I started dating this girl she's cool and all. A cute girl that seems like you can bring her home and take to mom. However, we are complete opposite. She is fit, outgoing, has a few close friends, loves the beach, loves kids, likes to go to bars, plays beer pong, and is catholic. I on the other hand hate those little rascals, hate the beach, I don't really enjoy working out because I'm clumsy, I don't drink and I'm borderline atheist. Our goals in life are different she wants to have a shit ton of kids and I want to live with a wife and a couple of dogs. Also, she is a fashionista and I honestly wouldn't care walking out in sweats and a hoodie. I'm a virgin and she's not. Quite the opposite. I really like her but with the differences I don't know if we will work out or drive each other insane.


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  • My fiancĂ©e and I are quite opposite as well.

    I am a science/business/engineering type and have only dated similar types of girls before I met her. I am very athletic, and seek excitement through rollercoasters, motorcycles and stock trading. I hate crowds, keep a few close friends and read about news and politics all day and have a nice cold beer at the end of the day.

    She is a high school English teacher and a constant reader. She talks about harry potter all the time. She's timid and likes cute things. She zones out when I talk about work, and she really doesn't know what I do (nor does she care). She doesn't drink either.

    Strangely, we get along like peas in a pod. We rarely argue. We have similar values when respecting each other. Her job is fairly upbeat while mine is more serious. She'll come home with funny stories about the dumb high school kids everyday and I come home and just listen.

    Don't doubt the potential of the relationship because you have different interests. You learn nothing new if you're identical twins.


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  • I think in the long run both of you will try to change each over and suffer from trying to accommodate.

    Lots of opposite couples stick together, however the kids thing should be a deal breaker.

    If you're serious about the relationship, because either of you is going to have to compromise in the kids department and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be her.

    Find someone you have common future intentions with, otherwise it will crash and burn.

  • I think so I mean I'm Wiccan and my husband is catholic so were total opposite but make it work


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  • Is she a dominatrix?

  • i was going to say that positive and negative attracts!!


    you dont like the beach? 0.0

    • by the way just go for it!
      if it works out, then thats great!
      if it doesn't , thats fine too..

      just dont sit there and watch somebody else do what YOU want to do!

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    • I'm staying clear from kids and beaches haha I'm just a bit worried she or I might lose interest because we are nothing a like!

    • the last part of meowcow's post sums it very well!

      it will work out as long as you guys are willing to learn and accept each other..

      im not saying that it'll be all roses though! haha

      but if you're willing to work things out, it'll be fine!

      and yeah stop doubting the relationship bro! thats not good! lool

      you're afraid to lose her?
      dnt worry it won't happen!