Does he like me? and what does it mean when he selectively chooses what to reply to me about through instant messaging?

I have this guy friend, and we used to talked to each other through instant messaging everyday, but we started talking less cause he said he was busy. He takes hours to reply to my messages, but he will always reply them. However, there are many a times where he just totally ignores the things i asked him of. So, i decided to ask him why he chooses to selectively reply my questions, he said it is because he thinks it is not important or not interesting such that it doesn't warrant a reply as it probably wouldn't go anywhere. what does this mean? And what do you think of it? I feel very hurt when he said that, as what he feel that is not important may be important to me.
& Sometimes when we talk, he would flirt with me, and even give me virtual good night kisses, however this is not consistent, he does it occasionally. Does this shows that he likes me? or is he just messing with my feelings?


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  • move on because everything that you share with someone should be acknowledge or someone important to them because if they care about you they will wanna listen to everything you half to say weather important or not he is playing around to much because 100% percent chance he would want you to listen to what he has to say weather its important or not he seems very selfish and all about himself and only does stuff he feels like doing on his own terms he doesn't show any interest in your feelings or your life he needs to be a friend because anyone that comes in your life will wanna be interested in what you feel say and think