I rejected him but I like him?

Basically this guy in my form asked me out and I said no because I thought he was joking and because my friend liked him. But the way he asked me seemed like he was joking so I said no. Then he seemed really upset. My friend said she wouldn't have minded and thinks he was being serious. Now I have a massive crush on him but he hardly speaks to me now. What should I do? I at least want to be friends if we can't be more.


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  • well, you have to understand that when you turned him down before, he had no choice but to accept that and move on. So if you've changed your mind you're going to have to let him know that. You're going to basically have to go up to him and say something like: "You remember when you asked me out before and I said 'no'? Well, now I wish I hadn't said no, and I'd really like it if you would think about going with me to _____ (fill in the blank for activity)."

    • thank you for MH ! Hopefully you and this guy can get a fresh start. You both seem to really like each other.

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    • Thank you so much for your help I feel a lot better now.

    • you're welcome :)

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  • Tell him you thought he was joking and that you would like to date him if he was serious at the time.