Why would you want to date online?

Why would you want to date online? You can't touch the person your dating or anything. Also what if you decide to finally meet your online partner, and they end up not being the person you thought you were dating and then they stalk you and then kill you

(i guess i watch to many movies)


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  • If I dated online, I would expect to meet the person in real life in a matter of days or weeks.

    The appeal of online dating is that its great for quieter people who don't get noticed in bars/clubs. I can't stand clubs and would rather just drink at bars so sometimes its hard to meet people.

    That said, online dating just seems like a way to MEET people, not date them. The move to dating should happen in person after you meet.

    As far as risk, you can mitigate this by not giving them your number until after you meet. Meet at a public place, like a coffee shop in a busy shopping center. Drive separately, let your friends know where you're going and when they should hear from you so they can alert authorities if need be.

    If you're smart, you won't get hurt!


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  • Well, I went on online dating website but...I didn't like to stay online. I would talk a little there but I would meet in real life pretty quickly. I never believed you could have a real thing when you don't meet the person. Everything happens face to face. It's easy to imagine how that person talk, how his voice sounds like, how he act. But in real life it's often different. So...it's better to meet quickly.