Crush turned cold on me. Can you figure out, how i should respond?

There's this girl wich i have a crush on. We used to text almost everyday, but now she hasn't texted me in a while. Furthermore she has been acting pretty cold lately. I can't find any logical reason for her behavior, besides that i ignored one snapchat she sent me.

16 days ago we went to the same party. I came up to her, and said hi, but we spend the evening in our seperated freind groups. At one point i kissed a girl i met just met there. I'm not a player, and this was my first kiss ever (the reason I did it).

Unfortunately i'm sure my crush saw it, as i walked into her, as I was leaing her and the club in general.

As i was saying goodbye, she acted a bit cold.

Actually i wasn't leaving for real, because me and my freinds had to pick up some food at the local McDonald's (just on the other side of the club)

As i was leaving i rumbled into her once again. She asked: ''wasn't you leaving?'' and she gave me a strange look. We all got outside, and my crush's best freind, suddenly ask me if i ''ku godt'' her. (Wich is danish slang for ''could fuck'' or something like that). My crushed wasn't pleased with the situation at all and got a bit upset at her freind.

I said something like, she was a sweet girl trying to buy time. Aftwerwards i said she defintely was the hottest in their freindgroup in a playfull tone of voice. She responded with ''i love you *my name*'' in a rather insensible tone of voice. I was leaving as she was saying it.

A two days after i texted her, asking her questions. The conversation faded out rather quickly however.

Now it has been 16 days since last text-conversation. (Wich is pretty unusual if you consider the fact, that we used to talk almost everyday.

The big question is. Where do i go from here? I was one texting first in the last 3 text-conversations. Should i continue waiting for her to text first?

Additional details:
-I'm 16 she's 15.
-I'm almost 100% she liked me at one point.

The issue is pretty simple, im confused however and would like to get your perspective. I have given you all the relevant information.


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  • She has faded out on you, sorry. You probably hurt her feelings when you kissed some other girl at the party... I'm not sure why you did that. I honestly think that this is kind of a lost cause, and that you should move on. Maybe something will happen and you guys will start talking again, and maybe it won't. You shouldn't try to force it at this point. Don't text her. If you run into her, be polite and friendly, but don't be pushy. Honestly, you're young, and young people make mistakes and then they learn from them. Now you know that when you like someone, you should focus on them, and try not to do anything impulsive that might unintentionally hurt their feelings. The more you learn, the better you will get at this stuff, and there will be many more girls. Good luck!

    • Thanks a lot for your opinion and i adknowledge your point. But please note that she turned cold before the kiss.

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  • Just ignore her for a while and see what happens. If she comes after you with open arms you're game, if she doesn't go for the other one ;)

    • Thanks for your input! ;)