Can I take advantage of the attention I get from women while battling PTSD?

I'm lucky enough to have several women approach me, offer their number, or make any other initial move unsolicited. But my PTSD stemming from childhood keeps me from being confident and stable within relationships or even friendships. I seem pretty normal and I'm good at what I love doing, but I have a few limitations when it comes to intimacy, of any kind. It kept me from having a girlfriend through adolescence and got worse after battling cancer alone. I'm grateful for the attention I get, but it's torture to not be able to do anything with it. I've come a long way and don't deserve to go through all of this alone, but I don't know how to avoid disappointing the women I get attention from.

Is their anyway to experience some semblance of a girlfriend within the next few years while I'm in therapy and working through this?


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  • I'm sorry to hear that you've dealt with so much adversity, but I was glad to read that you're getting help!! I don't know if actively pursuing a girlfriend would be the best thing for you now, but I guess that doesn't have to stop you from going on dates, and continuing to learn about yourself and what you want or don't want from a romantic partner. Maybe focus on the learning aspect of it, and discuss your experiences with your therapist. If it starts to become too much, then you can take a break from it and focus on therapy. Better yet, discuss this question with your therapist, and see what he/she says. I, as well as most of the other people on here are not qualified to really understand what's happening with you and offer professional advice. I can only imagine what you're experiencing and attempt to find a solution! Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best! You sound like a strong, intelligent, humble person. Even if you're not in the right place for a committed relationship right now, I'm sure you have great things coming :)

  • be honest with them, if they're not willing to work on it with you it wouldn't work out anyway. if you can actually tell them how you feel they'll be able to work around your limitations, and having someone with you might help you with recovery.


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