I asked her out but..

Well I asked her out and she said yes. The problem is, I kinda choked up on the phone with her, and only asked if she wanted to hang out sometime. Don't really have any specific plans yet because I choked up when I was gonna her. I basically said "You wanna hang out sometime"? And she said "yeah we can". Did I do this right? I need some advice

I forgot to mention that this call happened in about 10 seconds because I choked up
I feel I should add this. I'm not sure she said "yes" because she wanted to hang out or "yes" because she didn't want to reject me, like a pity date. We weren't close friends, but she had been giving me signs of interest over a course of 2 months.
Should I call her again, or wait a few? I don't want to seem desperate because I'm not. Advice please :\
Also forgot to add that I stupidly told her I had to go after I asked her that, so there was no other conversation at all :|


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  • I'm assuming this is going to be your first date. You should be fine. She might not see it as a date so do something where you two can talk and have fun. Get to know each other, etc. Just keep it light and fun.

    • Yeah it is my first "date" but I have done stuff like this with other girls, just never asked them out really.

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    • You're right, I should stop looking at the negatives so much. I like to over think everything :D

    • Good, you don't need conversation afterwards. Just give her a call the day before to confirm and let her know how to dress.

  • Trust me it's fine man. It also leaves you two to find something you can both enjoy together. Open for discussion basicly...So don't worry about it :P

    • Ok, ty for the quick answer, that does make me feel a lot better

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