Smitten on the first date... what advice would people give me?

I went on a date yesterday with a guy I had been messaging on a dating app. It's so strange. We started talking on the app and he honestly didn't stand out. Eventually he asked if I'd like to meet and I agreed, though he was really just one of a few that I had organised something with. I didn't expect much at all.
The second he showed up I knew I was in trouble - he's really my type. We walked to a cafe in awkward silence and sat down. We started talking and my thoughts went from 'Oh he's nice' to 'You're just hella cute' in about 15mins. He's polite as anything as well. After we finished eating we stayed there for a while talking until he eventually asked 'So where do you want to go next?' I wasn't expecting a 'next'. I suggested a park nearby.
We went and sat down...and stayed until the park was closing. Just talking, joking, etc. He kissed me as we were leaving.
Basically we stayed together from 2pm yesterday to 8am today. We're seeing each other again tonight and have plans for tomorrow as well. He called me during his lunchbreak and basically said 'Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I really like you. When can I see you again?" I'm glad he said something, but honestly I'm guarding myself. I've never really been one for jumping in at the deep end, even if I want to. This is just the strangest thing for me.
I wanted to know if anyone else has been through this sort of thing before? How did it turn out for you? Would you warn me against it?


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  • guard yourself

    don't see him 2+ in one week, don't talk forlonger than 15 mins a time and maintain an active social life and continue seeing other guys until u get a commitment

    • 'Until I get a commitment'? What?