Does boyfriend not like me anymore?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. Today, I went to see Divergent and told boyfriend I was going to see it today which he replied "Without me? I'm so jealous -.- lol" I replied hours later saying it was awesome. I asked him an hour or 2 later (went to eat out with family) which came home at 9. I asked how his day was and he said "Tiring, I need to get some sleep. Good night jaime (:" I kept thinking he was making an excuse to not talk to me. I replied like 20 minutes later and said "Okie (: good night. Quick question: How much are prom tickets?" He replied (I thought he was going to bed? wtf?) asking which one and I said "Senior ball" he said in reply "I've already paid for senior ball tickets, don't worry."

I just made up a question to see if he was really going to bed or lying. His last text was at 9:46 pm which I replied later at 10:26 pm "O ok (: thanks" he didn't reply..I'm really pissed off. I'm not sure if he's playing video games even though he plays when texting me or talking to another girl or doesn't want to talk to me...


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  • You're dancing WAY over to crazy town. Stop it, before you get dumped.

    "I just made up a question to see if he was really going to bed or lying."

    That's crazy behaviour. Checking up on a guy to see if he's asleep 20 minutes after he wished you a good night, is crazy.

    Asking if he doesn't like you anymore, when the last thing he said was don't worry he's already bought the tickets for the prom, is crazy.

    And you're the one who's pissed off? If he knew one tenth of the crazy fucked up shit you do and think, he'd be the one pissed off. And with good reason.


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  • So let me get this straight. You don't trust him. So after he said he was going to bed you decide to text him. To see if he actually was in bed.

    He replies. Now you're pissed, because you assume he is trying to avoid you and playing video games and didn't go to bed. Is it not a possibility that he had not fallen asleep yet? Or maybe when his cellphone rang (or whatever sound he has) it woke him up?

    Then 45 minutes after his last text you send ANOTHER one? You don't get a reply. So now, you're really mad. you think he may be playing video games again, or talking to another girl, or doesn't want to talk to you. I'm just thinking crazy thoughts. But um...could he have been sleeping? Maybe he also turned the sound off on his phone? So he could sleep and not be interrupted by stupid text messages?

    I don't know. The answer to you question is very obvious if think about it.
    You need to grow up!

    But that's just my opinion.

  • He might of felt a little butt hurt that you didn't invite him to the movies. He still likes you, don't over think it.. just go to bed :)
    everything will be good in the morning.

  • What are you doing?

    You're overreacting. And he just told you he got you guys tickets to prom.

  • I don't see the problem.


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  • It seems like you're overreacting.

    And I don't know how is your relationship but I know that my boyfriend would be upset that I don't ask him to go with me to the theater. He likes to go with me or at least that I ask first. You didn't answer his text and just went to the movie. It might sound stupid but later he was nice, saying that he got the tickets. He was being nice with you and you're overreacting over nothing.

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