(guys mostly) what do you like in a girl?

so i haven't had a relationship in like 3 years and i think its time for me to finally get back into that. I've had a lot of attention from guys and a afew dates and even a couple on here. but its just so hard cause i dont know if the guy is actually wanting to talk to me because he's trying to get in my pants or is he actually being a nice guy?

and this is not for all the guys in world. i know you guys are all different in your own way. so dont take this to personally.


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  • There are many things responsible for attraction for a girl. It is ultimately for establishing family and life long relationship. I like her nature most and that is the secret of our faithful and honest relationship. I love her nature above all.

    • finally a guy with some sense & who actually likes girls who are natural and just being themselves. there are hardly any of you type of guys out there so good for you!

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    • yes it is really important to focus on the other side instead of the physical all of the time. a lot of guys i know are working so hard to get girls to like them with just there looks cause thats what the new trend is now apparently?

    • but thank you for the honest opinion on this.

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  • trial and error. you're going to get hurt, its inevitable. but the only way to find the right one, is trial and error. you can't avoid the wrong ones by not dating at all

    • oh no i totally understand that. im not judging all of you guys out there. like most of yous are actually true and genuine guys. just most of the guys are i know are just like that or the guys who speak to me.

  • I like girls who smile a lot. And also a girl who can make me cry. I'm a masochist.


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