Should I text her first? Or should I even be talking to her?

Ok so I meet this girl about a 2 years ago on myspace we talked, texted, went to the movies we hung out a lot and even made out and had some pretty romantic moments. But she would never date me. When I asked her about dating she would say I need some time to think about it or something a long those lines. Then one day I find out that her and my best friend had been talking. Soon they started dating. So I was pretty p*ssed but I handled it well and just acted like it didn't bother me. But it really tore me up. Then about 6 months later they broke up.. I had moved on and forgot about her. But she texts me one day and we start talking again. I use to be in love with this girl and use to think that she was perfect for me. I still have feelings for her. Anyways we hung out and she came to my place and we hit it off, we made love and it was great I felt like she was the one even tho she dated my best friend. But the problem is I always have to text her first for her to talk to me. Should I just hold back and wait for her? That way I can see if she really does like me or if she just wants to have fun. I'm looking for a serious relationship but I'm not sure if she wants one. Or should I even be talking to her at all since she did date my best friend over me.. Please note that I really still do like this girl and I do think that we could have a great relationship. But I also don't want to be wasting my time.

Ok so I asked her out.But I told her we wouldn't have to take it very serious, that we could just chill together and see where it goes from there. But it still bothers me that I'm always the one that has to text her first. Should I be worried about that
Ok so I tend to have the worst luck ever. It turns out that the girl I like has been hanging out with my use to be best friend again... it seems like every girl I go for he goes for... should I just kick his ass? what could I do to win her heart? I'm so
I'm so confused right now. I have no idea of what to do. I just what to show her that I'm the one for her and that she deserves better than him. Should I even be trying to win her over him?
Should I confront her about hanging out with him? By hanging out I mean going to the movies. They went to the movies today and I asked her out today...and she said yea and I'm pretty sure they kissed.
lol at this point I'm sure no one can help me.


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  • Hard one, knowing me I would be trying to talk to her and hang out as much as I could but that's just me. I would however ask her why you were trying to go out with her yet then she blindsides you for your best friend. I would probably go for it, but be careful. Protect your heart young jedi