Two dates and now she's away for two weeks?

So I hooked up with a girl one night. Went to her place. Ate breakfast together and I left. I texted her the next week and although she was nice she rarely ever replied. Next weekend we had dinner and went back to my place. Made out but no sex. We snuggled on the couch and play fought a bit. She seemed she wanted to discuss past relationships, sort of seemed like she wants to take things slow.

I texted her after that. She rarely replied but occasionally sent something with a smiley face. She also thanked me for the great night.

She had gone back to her home town and then to NY till next Wednesday and I may not be able to see her till that next weekend. I sent her one last text which didn't require a response. We have stopped texting for two days now.
I'm a very shy person so I don't like having long gaps in contact with someone I barely know. Sort of feels like I'm going to lose the report I had with her. Am I being over the top on this? I think I may text her this weekend to invite her to do something the next weekend. Any thoughts?


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  • Just send her little messages here and there, buy not often. If she continues to play hard to get a little too much, then decide if you want to be with her or not. Its boy fun having messages ignored, so drop her if she keeps it up.

    • Alright cool. I sent her a message last night, asking her what she thought about picnics. And she responded a few hours later that she liked them, and gave me an update as to where she is now on her vacation... Probably a positive sign

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