Does boyfriend not want to hang out with me?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He texted me:
Him: Hey mimi? Did it hurt? O.O
Me: Did what hurt? 0.o
Him: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? <3
Him: how are you?
Me: Aw hehe <3 I'm good how are you? (:
Him: Very tired and hungry
Me: Then go eat something lol :p
Him: -_-
Him: If you could be any super hero, who would it be?
Me: Batman because he has an awesome butler and gadgets u?
Him: Spiderman!
Me: Nice. So watcha doing tomorrow or Friday ?
Him: I'm not doing anything tomorrow or Friday why?
Me: Watcha doing c:
Him: Trying to sleep -.-
Me: Ooh can I come over tomorrow or Friday ? :D
Him: Am I supposed to come over to your house this time? O.o
Me: It could be I come over to your house tomorrow and Friday you come over to my house? If that's ok:p or the other way around
Him: I have a lot of homework, I have to finish, sorry.
Me: Oh okay
(He hasn't replied)
I remember him missing 3 days of school and having to do makeup work but I don't know I feel like he's lying and doesn't want to hang out


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  • Hahahah. He likes you.


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  • If this is something new, it could just be an inconvenient time.
    If this is a common occurrence, then he could just not want to see you.
    Ask him.

  • Why did you even ask this question lol your like a giddy school girl, go get a room lol

  • its his first girlfriend what do you expect he's shy he likes you just force him on a date and get him to know you better then he will feel comfortable talking to you. solved


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  • Sounds like he is... One excuse after another.

    Tell him how you feel.

  • Its a flirting line. Basically saying you're like an angel.

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