Is it normal to hang out with a girl you used to date when you have a girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend. We have been dating for three months. The girl I dated before her, "Sara", wants to hang out. Her and I were friends for a while before and reconnected. We didn't work out because those deeper feelings weren't there for both of us.

My girlfriend gets a little weird if she sees Sara has called or I bring up the option of hanging out with her when I know my girlfriend is busy doing other things but never anything extreme.

Am I crazy to think she should be ok with me hanging out with her?


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  • its normal and healthy to want to be friends with an ex... but you should hang out with her WITH your girlfriend... by yourselves is just sketchy...

    • What if its with multiple people? I would never exclude my girlfriend from hanging out with me unless its just the guys or something.

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    • Yeah I understand. My girlfriend knows her and was friends with her in high school so I think it will be ok. Thanks.

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  • Yes, I 'm fairly sure you wouldn't want your girlfriend hanging around with any of her ex's while she 's with you. Just common sense say hi if you happen to run into each other but out of respect for your gfriend and your relationship stay away from any former ex's it will only be problems for you in the future**).

    • Well she isn't an ex-grilfriend. We just went on a couple of dates for about a month.

    • If your gfriend is included and she doesn't have a problem with it then sure that's fine but if it bothers her like you mentioned then yes, not a good idea.

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