How to stop wanting a gf and being attracted to women?

How can I stop wanting women and being attracted to them? They don't want me so I don't want them


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  • lol, try focusing on your career or hobbie or friends..

    just because a handful of women didn't respond to you doesn't mean one of them won't ever like you...

    are you giving off bad vibes?
    are you mentally healthy?
    do you have good hygiene?
    clean teeth?
    clean fingernails?
    bathe reguarly?
    dress nice?

    dont come on to strong.. maybe they since you are desperate...

    stop that and focus on some other areas of your life and chill out.. your never too old.

    your deserving of a woman.. just relax it will happen. but just prepare yourself for a relationship and tell yourself it will happen.


    • What Do You Mean By Bad vibes

    • what kinda of thoughts are going on in your mind?
      you realize that woman are extremely sensitive to energies and vibes people give off.. its called intuition.

      if a person is constantly thinking negative, bad thoughts about themselves or others people can sense that..

      or if you are desperate... women can sense that too!

      start building some confidence in yourself and list things you are grateful for.. im sure you have a bunch of great qualities.

      im not saying you dont love yourself..

      but think about this..

      how can someone love you if you dont love yourself?

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  • Have you ever considered going blind? It seems to be the quickest way.

    • Why would I want to be blind? I'm serious. . IM Tired Of Being A Slave To Attraction

  • Then just stop. It's not particularly hard.