For how long should I know a girl before I ask her out?

How long should I know a girl before asking her for her number?


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  • I personally think you should ask her out and/or ask for her number as soon as you feel comfortable. As a girl, I really don't think there's such a thing as too soon. I've had guy friends wait years before asking me out, but I've also had strangers approach me in a bar and ask me out.

    Plus, the sooner you do it, the less time you spend wracking your brain over it (i.e., "is she interested?") By asking her, you'll have your answer.


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  • Depends. If it's a girl you see everyday and know as a friend, like at work, you may want to wait a bit until you have a better feel for her attraction level. If it's a girl you're not sure you'll ever see again, or you just see her around town and don't know her, then go for it right away.

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