Girls, what does it take to convince you that a guy likes you and wants to date you?

I just don't get it. I talk to girls, approach them, ask them out, ask about them, compliment them and listen to what they say and I just don't get it. Girls just don't ever like me. I can't even get their phone number. What more do I need to do to get them on a date? I'll even remember details from previous conversations to bring up again at another time in the future. Girls, what are some things you worry about? Do you just assume every guy who shows an interest in you just wants to bang you? I know one guy who got a tattoo of the name of the girl he was trying to date and I guess that finally convinced her that he was serious. That's ridiculous though.


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  • If the dogs don't come to you don't keep handing out treats...sooner or later they will get hungry after all their roaming around and come to you for food, you can either turn then down or let them is up to you {THE LEASE IS IN YOUR HANDS...DUH DUN}
    P.S I hope you get this lol

    • But that's the problem! Girls don't ever come to me in the first place.

    • You seem to desperate be cool...don't chase they will come sooner or later

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