Guys why do you over react? and hide how you truly feel?

So I got dared to kiss my crush. And the two of us like each other. When I brought up the topic of him kissing me, he smiled but acted as if he was freaked out that I might/would actually kiss him when in honesty you could see it in his eyes that he liked the idea. Guys why do you hide how you truly feel about stuff? Like even if the girl already knows how you truly feel?


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  • most guy act like this...they want to give a strong image of them but in fact they've got emotions too and can be very sensitive too


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  • In general, we're raised to believe that if we show emotion we are weak and not manly.

  • Men in our society have been taught that any show of emotion is a sign of weakness. I am actually quite in touch with myself emotionally. I am generally pretty stoic, but not because I feel like I need to be, but because I know emotions can be a corrupting force and unless the moment calls for it, I like to remain rational and distanced my emotions, at least temporarily, so I won't do anything hasty based on anger, fear, euphoricisim, or any other factor that might warp how I would normally act or perceive things to a certain degree. If it is a profoundly emotional experience such as a date that has gone particularly well though, I will let my emotions take over, and am in fact quite sensitive if I know you well enough. Than again, if I don't know you well, you've probably never heard me talk directly to you, (on account of my shyness) so you would never know anyway. Speaking of shyness, could you help me out with figuring out how to start a conversation with my crush?


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