Really nervous please help! First date in two years!

I am 26 turning 27 and have had one real relationship. It ended nearly two years ago before I started grad school.

Since I started grad school, I haven't dated at all. I have had options, but I have been really busy, so my options I've typically met in bars, and haven't been that great to begin. I tend to attract jerks, who just want sex. Then again, I could have tried harder too so that's not the problem.

Recently I met a nice older guy. My thought process changed and I finally for the first time in two years, really want to try to make something out of this. and tomorrow I am going on my first real date in two years. WE have been texting and even talked on the phone a few times, and I am soooo nervous!

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I am not bad looking, he even keeps telling me I am gorgeous.

ANyways can I tell him this is my first date in two years? or is that bad...I just don't want him to judge me too much when I sound super shy around him because I know I will!


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  • Why not just be you, and if you want to tell him that its your first date in two years then do so. It will be a great ice breaker and it will possibly ease the tensions. If you are a good looking young woman, and he is an older guy, he might want to try to impress you. Besides if it were me I would be like oh is it now? well let me see what i can do to make this a great date so you can remember it always or be glad you decided to go out on a date in the first place.
    Just go have fun and enjoy the company. If it does not work out, you are doing enough by putting yourself out there and its better than sitting at home doing nothing.


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  • tip one: be yourself
    tip two: see tip 1


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  • You don't need to share that information with him. Its just the first date.He should have to prove himself to you as well. Everyone is sometimes nervous on a first date.Just go out and have a great time and be yourself. Good luck.