Have you ever been on a date where you are wondering if you are being punk'd or someone is playing a joke on you?

What is the weirdest date you have ever been on?
Have you ever been on a date where you are wondering if you are being punk'd or someone is playing a joke on you?


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  • Oh god yes.
    I remember going out with this guy who showed up looking disheveled like he was going to a modern day Woodstock with messy medium length hair, and a tye-dyed shirt.He invited me to a rap concert with this known southern rapper whom I was not familiar with. He also decided to invite his best friend on the date WITH us.😒

    I was annoyed, but went with it. All of us met at the bar where the show would be, and it was MORE than awkward. My "date" barely talked to me, looked at me, or asked me any questions. I asked him a bunch of questions, he answered but seemed completely disconnected. He also sat at the table burping loudly, with his damn mouth wide open. It reeked of roasted chicken and beer. I was beyond disgusted! His best friend tried talking to me more than him, and he was actually pretty cool.

    While waiting for the concert to start all of us decided to get some food at another spot. I was Shocked that my date didn't hold not one door for me, his best friend did. So if his friend didn't, doors almost hit me in he face. Finally, we went back to the bar (at this point my date had virtually nothing to say to me) , while his friend shared stories about getting ran over by a garbage truck.

    The show finally started with this rapper...i think his name was Big Frida or something. Anyway, he is known for rapping about "ass". So there were probably 40 girls and some guys up on stage in thongs and booty shorts with their "ass in the air" twerking on stage. I was beyond livid that I even waited to see that mess. There was no amount of alcohol that could have made me feel like it was a cool show OR that I was having a good time.

    • I slipped out to go to a corner store for a beverage, and by the time I went back to the show, my date was looking to see where I had gone. I told him that I just couldn't do it anymore and that I had to leave.

      Disaster. And a waste of time. We never went out again, but I do see him at my local grocery store where he works. Ugh...

      I think he was a lot more interested on smoking week and drinking then being out with me.😔

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    • Oh gosh. Yeah if he would have tried to get physical there would have been a TON of problems for sure. Ugh, he was a hot mess.

    • Though i have had girls turn into captain octopus and it gets weird when you are trying to take things slow. Or worse when you are totally not into them...

      Though I can say that one outing I went on the girl showed up to the date drunk, then proceeded to seriously over share. Then went on to tell me how she wanted to f*ck me because she said I was so pretty...I was like OMG why me?

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  • Actually, I HAVE felt like this before, haha!
    I had a date one, we met at a coffee shop, which was in the mall because we thought maybe we'd want to see a movie too if we hit it off.
    I got my coffee, he didn't get anything, he played with his phone the entire time, and eventually said he wanted something from another store, smoothie or something.
    So we walked together and he ran into friends. He literally just walked off without saying a word to me, went talking to them. I followed, sort of, waited for a bit and then started to walk off because I was just done with this bullshit, haha! He then comes back and we start walking again and take a seat in the food court.
    More of his friends come up and keep trying to get him to introduce me, he never would. They kept inviting him out to dinner (for right then) and he was saying no but I could tell he wanted to go. After the friends walked off, he kept talking about it and I just said, "Seriously? Just go." And he said okay and that he would call me after they were done so we could go see a movie. I didn't say anything, I just walked off.
    About an hour later, I got a text saying that he "had to run home, emergency". I never answered it and never spoke to him again.
    What the fuck? Haha!

    • *whistles* wow thats just...I dont even know. I mean first he ignores you while playing on his phone, then wanders off with his friends?
      Maybe I am really old fashioned or just have a better sense of propriety, but if I am out with someone unless its an emergency or something that cannot be avoided I do not play on my phone or ignore my date. I have had some family emergencies come up over the years. But they were legitimate emergencies. Someone is going to the ER type things.
      Whats worse is he thought that was ok...what is wrong with people. If I agreed to meet someone out somewhere I am not going to go off with other people...thats just strange. Sorry you had to deal with that.

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    • When Im on a date my focus is my date. Though I will check my phone if it goes off. Its a long story I won't go into here. But i do explain why I do it if it happens.

    • Haha! Yeah...

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