What are some signs that he wants to kiss you? Why hasn't he done it yet?

There is a guy that I hang out with all the time. We're friends--I know he likes me and I'm confused about my feelings for him. I know he wants to kiss me, and I know he's talked about it with other friends; he says stuff like, "today's the day I make my move," but he never does. Why hasn't he? I try to tell when we're hanging out whether or not he's thinking about kissing me, so I'm wondering--what signs usually imply that somebody is thinking about or preparing to lean in for a kiss?


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  • Usually if he starts staring at ur eyes and looking down at your lips he wants to kiss you. You can usually feel the moment is going to come as well. He might not have made a move because he doesn't know how you feel and he doesn't want to ruin the friendship if you don't feel the same way. Honestly don't over think it if it happens it happens or if you want it to happen that badly and you really like him you make a move and drop a hint something and I know that doesn't sound very fun but sometimes the guy needs some help.