Why would a guy express interest but never kiss you?

Ok, main details are: I am 23 and knew a guy (36) for about a year from work. We were friendly, then he asked me out. I said no at first, but he asked again in a week and then did go out with him because he was a nice guy and I liked him.

He's not exactly attractive by any means, but I liked his personality a lot and enjoyed hanging out with him. Over 5 or 6 dates though - he NEVER kissed me! He never even tried!!!

He blatantly flirted, texted me that he missed me, told our friends he wanted to kiss me - so every time we hung out, I expected it. I even kissed him on the cheek a few times to let him know it's okay to be close to me, and still nothing.

This has been the most frustrating experience of my life. I only went out with him to be nice, and now it bugs me that he doesn't seem interested.

Why would he act interested, not do anything, and keep asking me out? What should I do?


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  • I don't get it either. I'll give it to you, you gave him some pretty strong signals that you wanted him to kiss you. And I'm the last guy to take a hint. This is a guy that asked you out, was rejected, and tried again. He shouldn't be stumbling like this!

    • Do you think it matters if he has a poor image of himself or doesn't think he's good enough/too old for me? Wouldn't even self-conscious guys recognize huge hints and go for it?

    • I don't know. Personally I think it's harder to ask a girl out because that let's her know you like him. He should have picked up on your hint.

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  • Hmm. That is odd. Perhaps he senses that you are not all that physically attracted to him?

    Of course, if you want to you could kiss him.

    I must say on the surface it sounds like you're wasting each other's time. Do you WANT him to really kiss you? If so, why don't you kiss him?

    • I thought about it. I've given some pretty big hints like kissing him on the cheek, long hugs. I feel like if I kissed him or asked him to, I'd be throwing myself at him. I want him to do it because he wants to, not because I want him to. And I wasn't attracted to him at first, because it took a little while to process that he liked me more than friends. but i changed my mind and thought i let him know.

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    • You're probably right. I don't think he's going to make the first move at this rate. The strangest thing is though, he texted comments that were boldly flirtatious, like how beautiful various features of me are, and wrote how attracted he was to me. I think it's contradictory to come on strong over text and not follow up in person.

      But it doesn't really matter. I want to kiss him, so I just should and see what happens.

    • Send him to heaven, asker. Good luck and you take care now.

  • How stupid expectations you girls have. If we guys tried it too early then we are creepy or for sex. ( like many girls you may have asked here" he is very touchy, is he attracted to me physically?")
    If we don't do it then you girs are like " why why why? is he not interested in me?"
    We guys know the hypocritical nature of girls. Hence unlike confident who doesn't care of his mive, shy kind of guys will think 10 times about it.

    • Ok she's not every girl on here. Just take your woman hate somewhere else

    • Thank you for your kind advice :)
      Truth hurts and by the way i don't hate women.

  • Well i mean sometimes us guys would be shy cuz we have some.fears you know and hisnis probably makingnthebfirst move and ifyou attempted to kiss him then the guy just might be gay or he is just an asshoIe


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  • either he is a really shy since you might be the only girl he's been dating since long (you mentioned that he is not really attractive) or maybe he just wants you to do the first step and be the on to break the ice...go ahead babe..kiss him first!

    • True, he hasn't dated anyone in a while and I got the feeling that the last girl hurt him.

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    • I'd never hurt him on purpose. He told me I'm one of the kindest, sweetest people he knows. And I wouldn't play with anyone's feelings.

      Part of me though, is getting scared myself. I'm not asking for a ring, a commitment, or even sex - just a simple kiss, since I know he's told other people he wants to. If a guy is still afraid to kiss you after major hints, it makes me think twice that he's just not into it or has serious baggage.

    • give him some time and make him understand that you really desire this kiss from him

  • Your state of mind should be out of sight out of mind.
    He is either not that interested, flake or dating multiple women. You should be doing the same.

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