Should i continue to ignore after canceling date twice?

I met her a few months ago and i like her. im shy guy so we rarely talk to each other. I confessed, gift her 3 times. She said need more time to think. Then she gave me her number.

I text her everyday but Sometimes she didn't reply my text, i think she is not interested. I ask her out on first date, she arranged time and place but canceled it before date a few hours.

I ask her for second date face to face. She said she busy lately at night so can't go with me and she say she will text me to let me know when.

I said ok, i will wait and from that day till now it has been 8 days i ignored her, i dont text, never call and rarely look at her. Should i ignore her completely?

She is close to my parent. Especially my mom, they are very close to each other.
It has been nearly 20 days i ignored her... Nothing yet...


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  • Yes ignore her if she is still not responding.

    • I still like her a lot but i tried to stay out of her way as far as i can. Its hard to get over her and move one. It hurts me badly.

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    • it can't hurt to give it one last shot really. Good luck!

    • Yesterday was my country holiday. I texted her to see how is going and to know did she hang out with friends or who else. She happy texted me back and say she stays home, no one take her out. She never reply my text that fast. After a while texting she say a sweet good night to me. Im confused ! After 20 days of ignoring, she text me different than before, way more friendly and little bit of flirting, sweet.

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  • Yea honestly dude, at that point I'd be like "fuck it, I'm out". If I'm into someone I put more effort into dating them than that, so I expect the same out of the person I am dating... or... trying to.

  • When you were ignoring her during those 8 days, did she try to contact you?
    meet you?
    say hi or anything like that?

    if the answer is NO, then forget her bro!
    she's not interested

    go fish for another one

    • She doesn't contact me at all. Today is the first day i meet her but keep distance. She saw me out here but didn't come to say hi or anything.

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    • i know that feel bro!

      you can't have your friends around you all the time!
      you have to keep your mind busy with either work, studies, f@pping, or just watch a movie!

      it'll pass within a few months!

      the best thing you can do is try dating other girls and talk to em at night and all! (even though i know that you just dont want any other girl)

    • It has been 10 days and i still stuck in this feeling. My tears juz ran out the other day but i stay stronge and stop that coward action of mine. Am i really that stupid to get my heart bleeding for one side love?

  • Stop texting so much!

    And she evidently isn't very interested, so stop paying her attention. Slim chance she'll want to go out if you ignore her.

  • Yes keep ignoring. I think you are on the right track.

    • Thank u, im trying.

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    • Thank u very very much ! Elders always Right about experience :(

    • You're very welcome