How can I learn how to get a girl to go out with me by texting?

I seem to not be able to get girls to go with me even the ones who gave me their number. Girls help would be most appreciated please Every time I finally respond with okay so where would you like to go out they stop texting back all of a sudden well then why would they give me their numbers sometimes without me even asking?


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  • Flirt with them than talking irrelevant stuff.. Tell them theyre pretty.. Give them compliments... Flirt and ask them to meet you at a certain place for coffee... If they say no dating, tell em just as a friend cuz you wana see them while talking to them. Make them feel important. surely they'll start showing interest.

    • You know every time I would compliment a girl it gets me in either the friend zone or just them saying thanks and they stop texting.

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    • happy to be of help :)

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