What does it mean to have confidence as it pertains to women?

I hear women like confident men.. what does it mean to be confident with women and how can I apply it in my life so I can attract someone. . Thanks


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  • Don't bring up the negative around women. Journal it. Tell yourself in the mirror. Or tell a therapist because it sound like you have major self esteem issues. Learn to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else.


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  • It just means you don't show self-doubt and have faith in your ability to attract women. Some men take this too far and then act arrogant, which ultimately turns us OFF.

    • The thing is I can't attract women so that's why I don't have confidence

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    • Well I say that sometimes girls MIGHT on the surface only want really hot guys but then again, women LOVEEEEE smart guys, too. Sometimes that's why super hot girls end up with geeks lol!!

    • this sucks for me because I'm not attractive or smart.. rough combo. Lol

  • It isn't rocket science. I really like the shy and confident types but women respond to confidence, not as a preference sometimes but of admiration and respect. Like if you were to ask a woman out, say it with more voice and don't try to shy away because once you're there, you're there. Have good posture and speak clearly, women respond to simple gestures and body language positively. Don't overthink it and just go for it :)

    • I'm shy just not confident cuz I'm scared she's not going to like me

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    • Then they are shallow people and you shouldn't want to associate with them anyway. Just stand your ground but don't force yourself on them they still have the right to say no if they don't want to. Be yourself is the best advice anyone can give you at this point.

    • I wasn't hitting on them I just asked if I was attractive so if I get their approval I can get back into the dating game

  • just like who you are. don't let "self doubt" get in the way... if you do something stupid, laugh it off... its just how you carry yourself.

    • Everyone has insecurities

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    • "fake it til you make it" is how you show confidence, is what i mean. even if you are not 100% confident with yourself, ACT like you are and it will show

    • How do you do that?

  • feel good about yourself mentally, physically, emotionally.

    love yourself on a healthy level. believe in yourself that you can achieve your goals.

    if you find a woman attractive, talk to her.
    that shows confidence.

    how can someone love you if you dont love yourself?

  • My husband is pretty confident in himself. He's not shy by any means, and knows that he can do whatever he wants. He's sure of himself in just about everything, which is good when we are trying to make big choices. Things like trying to have a baby, he knows we can do it and that everything will fine! As where I worry about everything when it comes to that, such as money or if I'll be a good mom.

    However, I can't stand a cocky man. They have too much confidence and think everything is all about them! You gotta have confidence but at the same time don't be a jerk. Lol.

    I can remember the first time my husband met my daddy. I had known my husband a long time before we got together, and my momma and sisters already knew him so they was okay with it. My daddy wasn't happy when he found out I was dating someone that much older than me, so I was worried about how my daddy would react to him. Anyways, my husband hopped out of the car and just walked right up to my daddy and started talking to him lol and I was just like wtf are you doing? It said a lot for him to be so willing to just walk up to my daddy that way, my daddy is a big hairy scary man to most people but my husband didn't care. After my daddy met him that one time, I think my daddy might have fell in love with him a little :)

    • I'm confident talking to men. No problem

    • Be that way with girls, dont stress about it just act like you would if you was talking to a guy...well to a degree anyways lol. Be a gentleman and be sure of yourself! The ladies will love you then 😉

    • I'm a gentleman but women don't like me

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