Great date right? Yes, I do need confirmation please?

So as per posted yesterday I just had my first date in two years, and I think it was great! Looking for confirmation here, because I have been out of the game forever.

We went out to lunch was totally myself, even flirted a little. We talked about life in general (he's a medical resident so his life is pretty exciting.

Afterwards he was running to into work, he texted me to say thanks, and that I "looked great", and added we'd set up a time soon but he hoped I didn't take offense if he couldn't meet on Sunday (which is what we walked about trying to arrange).

So I thought I'd tell him. I hadn't dated anyone in two years since my last serious relationship. Explained that he's the first nice guy I had give me the time of day in forever. He didn't need to worry about his schedule because I thought he was worth getting to know, as long as he wanted to get to know me.

He responded by telling me was flattered and honored I wanted to get to know him better and that we'd set up a time soon.

So I am assuming I let him make the date right?

Oh and we didn't kiss I wanted to but in that moment I was like shaking and we like looked at each other but I was afraid to lean in when he hugged me...I am like completely uncertain as to what he was thinking


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  • The date was successful. I recommend collaborating on the next date, eagerness is good in moderation. Also being honest upfront was a nice touch, it will save you time in the future on many things. As for the kissing, it's okay, being nervous is fine. It happens.


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