She agreed to a second date in 3 weeks, what now?

The first date was nice, but ended with a kiss on the cheek (which she initiated).

So she is going on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks. And I already wished her a good holiday and 'see you when you get back'.

She thanked me for that.

Should I stay silent now until she messages me?

Or try and keep a light convo going every couple of days?


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  • I would just send her a message in a few days (even if you haven't heard from her) to let her know you're thinking about her. Just send a casual text like: "hope you're having a good time!" or "tell me how it went on our next date", something like that. If I were on holiday and the guy I'm dating doesn't contact me in three weeks, I'd be like: dude, what?
    It's normal she won't contact you often or take the initiative to text or call, she's on holiday, she (hopefully) won't be glued to her phone but when she does check it, it's nice to see someone you care about sent you a text hoping you're having a good time.
    Don't stalk her with messages, maybe just once a week would be fine :)

    • And that's why I posted this question, because that's what I'd think too.

      So I can come over non-clingy if I just message her once a week or so. I might do that, thanks girl stranger. ^^

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    • No prob :)

      I messaged her and she was really happy to hear from me. Texted back and forth a few times but things have been silent for a few days now from her side, ball is in her court.

      So I will just continue with life. I did all I could :P

    • If she's still on holiday don't expect her to text you daily. Just message her in a few days again or maybe just ask her if she'll let you know when she's back. If she doesn't let you know that/when she's back, then you can continue with life, lol, just don't give up so soon.

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