When a girl plays hard to get, does that mean she thinks that everything is about her?

When a girl plays hard to get, does that mean she thinks that everything is about her

I feel as though it means that she thinks the guy should spend his time chasing after her

I also think that it means that she has completely disregarded the fact that guys need to feel wanted to

Am I right in believing this

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  • yes same when guys do it.,


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  • With the way many of today's toms are, sporadic, unpredictable, and yes---non committal-----a girl has to play her cards differently, or be Played. Simple as that. There may be some girls out there who do this to keep the guy "running," but Others, who are more Determined, do this to protect themselves, and also a lot of times----To get the man they also like to want and respect her.
    Playing hard to get is just a way to keep guys on their tippy toes, keep them Interested, and not back down or lose their guard so to protect themselves from being walked on. They have to be this juicy apple at the top of the tree hardest to get, for being a challenge is all part of the plan to keep them in line. It's not that "everything is about her," it's More like Not wanting Anything to be thrown at her that can be used to hurt her-----or her feelings that many times she tends to wear on her sleeve. Many times, she also wants a Real Relationship And to be taken seriously, Not taken advantage of.
    Guys like you, who may not Deserve to be part of a pawn on the chess board, for they just want to be loved or needed, are the few in between who sometimes have to suffer with the bad. But once a girl knows that you're this special guy, she can then relax and put down her shield.

    • So hard to get, means hard to get into bed?

    • Hard to get, no...I didn't mean that..Playing hard to get is making them work to get the girl, but not for bedtime stories..:)) xx

  • It could be, of she wants tofeel worthy or have the guy prove his worth


What Guys Said 2

  • Considering you must believe you are worth the effort to chase I would imagine that makes you self-centered.

  • Yes, they're all like that.