What do you think of match making services for dating a millionaire?

Would you ever apply to meet someone you don't know to have a chance to date them? If you were a millionaire and you didn't have time to find the right person for you, would you resort to using a service to have all applicants or interested individuals pay a fee to date you?

My personal opinion is: I wouldn't apply because I don't know them and if I were a millionaire, I would just go searching myself rather than have match makers.

So, what do you think of these match making services for dating extremely wealthy individuals?

(just an interesting question, I was just curious about it lol)


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  • if I were a millionaire and I didn't have time to find a husband, I wouldn't get one, because I wouldn't have anytime to be with him anyway. if I had the time, then I'd find someone and not marry them because I wouldn't wanna give away half my assets =P and pre-nups ruin marriages.


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  • Um I would never do that because I actually enjoy the fun of ssearching for men, I think the fee and sh*t that milliionairs go thru take away from the excitement. BUT I can honestly still understand why some people do it, they don't have time but don't want to go thru life single. I can understand that feeling.

    haha I like this question


  • I don't think I would ever try it, rich or not. It's much better to meet someone naturally and let everything fall into place on its own, if you understand what I mean. Something about dating services seem sort of rushed and impersonal, like you can't really get to know a person fully, especially if it's an online one. I mean, I have nothing against dating services for the wealthy, but somehow I just can't shake the feeling that most people on those things are only after money.