Do I ask her out? (Again) I can't tell if she likes me?

Ok so like a month ago I liked this girl and she liked me (I'm 90% sure). I ask this girl to a movie and she says yes. Then she gets grounded for a week and I realize that it isn't quite a date. So I ask her and she said just friends. Things get awkward for the next two weeks. Every time I brought up the movie again (twice 1) making sure if it's a date or not 2) are we doing the movie or what?) she brushed it off and things got a little awkward again. We never went to the movie.

Now she might like me again.
She laughs at my jokes
We make eye contact
We text for hours
She gets mad in a sarcasticish way to the three guys around her in class but not me. (Shut up Matt!)
I tease her and she teases back

Do I ask her out or are we just friends?

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  • Wait it out and see what happens
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  • Nah you guys are friends and that's not changing anytime soon
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think she just sees you as a really great friend. if she wanted to go out with you she would have made that known to you when you first brought up the movies by agreeing or setting up a plan to schedule a date. her brushing it off is her avoiding having to let you down. sometimes if you like someone you are friends with, you can read too deeply into their "signs" when they aren't really signs at all. it happens to everybody, especially when you are a little younger. sorry. now, if you feel strongly and want to subtly ask one more time, give it a shot, but after that dont ask again. 3 strikes, you're out. Dont ask her anymore.


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What Girls Said 3

  • you are just friends! period.

  • I don't think she likes you , she might find you attractive & charming but that might be it. Other wise you guys are just friends. If she liked you, she seems like a girl who would have come up to you & already asked you out by now. There's a difference between being friends that have fun and friends that just have fun but not flirty wise. She seems like she flirts with you , which she shouldn't cause if she doesn't like you then she is just putting out a sign that isn't true & is leading you on. If not than its just a causal girl thing we do with Boys. Sorry man :)

  • Your just friends to her. She is just messing with your head with the signals of liking u.


What Guys Said 1

  • She said you were "just friends" right? There's your answer.