Is he into me or not? Am I right to feel this way?

I have been on two dates with this guy who is older than I am. He's 22 and I'm 18. We're both in college and we work. Our first date was at a Starbucks and we talked for three hours, laughing and smiling about the funny things that happened in our lives. When we were supposed to go on our 2nd date, miscommunication happened over text messages and I thought he blew me off. Three months later he texted me and we hit it off once more after the air was cleared between us. We texted each other when we could and talked on the phone a few times before we met up the 2nd time. So, yesterday we went to our 2nd date. He picked me up and we went to the movies. Throughout the movie, he would say some jokes, smile, and when he talked to me his face was pretty close to my cheek or face. About four times he asked me if I was ticklish on my knee and attempted to do so. I thought it was cute, but I had the vibe that he either wanted to hold my hand or put his arm around me. I can't really explain how I know that feeling, but i sensed it! Am I wrong? Am I misreading his signals? Is he unsure about me? I made sure my hands were not together and placed on my thighs, thinking he got the hint to grab my hand. At the end of the movies/ night, he dropped me off and I told him to "text me whenever you can." He said "Okay" and left. I felt that he was giving me mixed signals. When we texted, whenever he said goodnight, he would put a heart-faced emojii. Am I overthinking this? He never texted me like he said he would today. I don't like texting guys first because I don't want to come off as desperate.


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  • It's not desperate to text a guy first. I don't lame him for feeling a bit self conscious, your not really letting off that many clear cut signs that your into him, you better buck up your game soon because good guys know their value and will leave my love.


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  • The second time around sounded as though it was going full speed ahead at the movies, but I am getting the "vibe" that perhaps being He started with the "talk of a tickle," and it Was----Four times----he Now wanted you to give him a Hint that it was okay to go ahead and------hold your hand or put his arm around you. I feel he felt a bit intimidated to do so, so this Why you are feeling he was "giving you mixed signals."
    Also, when a simple "text me whenever you can" was the Only "romantic" words that came out of your mouth, he returned with a mere "Okay." Perhaps he may have felt shot down, for he Did try to make a pass at the theater, but he got no "on core" from you.
    I realize you don't like pushing the buttons First, but it doesn't hurt to Text him and just Thank him for a great nite, and that you really enjoyed yourself, and you hope you both can do it again soon. Sweet and to the point, and not "desperate," just honest and gracious.
    I can probably see why there may have been this "miscommunication" a few months back, so before there ends up to be another Repeat, take his motives And his "heart-faced emojii" to heart that this guy Is Into you, and if you both get on the same page with open communication, I am seeing a "third" time around.
    Good luck.xx