What i supposed to do with my friend?

Hello I'm jeen I have a friendship with a guy and we love each other so much I met him when i was in the elementary School and we grow up together so he's more than a just friend to me i really love him but i don't know about his feelings because before two days we were together watching a movie and we almost kissed each other then when i talked to him after that he didn't say anything about it!


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  • If you like him, then ask to do something with him. If you want it to be just the two of you, set it up that way. If you want to kiss him, be flirty.

    Don't be afraid to initiate!


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  • There's really only two ways you can find out. The wrong way is by asking, and the right way is spontaneous action...if you know what I mean ;)

  • Pretend to trip, grab on to him and kiss him. At least then you'll know.

    Or you can wait until another woman does that to him.

    • Another woman!!! seriously!!! 😨😨😨 I really care about him so much

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    • No. Forget dating.

      If you're friends, you hang out. So when you're hanging out alone together, and you're feeling it, just go ahead and kiss him, or grab his hand, get physically close to him.

      Going out on a date is way too formal. But you could easily invite him out for diner somewhere. Just don't call it a date.

    • OK I will , thanks for your help 💖

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