Dating this guy and talk everyday. Nothing wrong between us when last time see each other. Next day, talk again and next day...then he disappeared!

I thought he may tired or busy so, I was not really worried but more than 24 hours then I checked his Myspace. He log in everyday no matter what. Hang over or tired or be with me.. but he has not log in since we talked.

I sent msg again but no reply. No Myspace log in either.

Called him and phone is ringing but answering machine.

I though he may not wanna answer my phone? then asked my friend to call him.

Oh, he answer the phone even unknown call!

But he didn't.

Do you think he just do not wanna talk with me anymore?

or this is rare but something happen on him?

How long should I wait his return call?

If he doesn't like me anymore, I'm so sad but I will move on. I have to.

Should I do something before move on? one more email or text? or call? or?

As I said if he doesn't like me anymore, I do not wanna bother him.

Please advice me... I'm not really upset but I'm really worried about him.


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  • He could just be really busy or something could have happend with his family or friends which means that he has not been available to talk. The other thing is he could just need some time to him self. some time to think things over. A lot of people go through stages where they just need to be on their own and not communicate with people.

    The best thing to do is leave a few more days before trying to make contact again. Give him some space and some time to think. After the weekend, send him a message or call him. If he does not respond to that then I would say that he has lost interest and it is time to move on.

    • Thanks! I hope he is okay.. He still do not log in Myspace, =( I will wait over this weekend then I will send msg. Can you please advice me how should I send? Should I say are you okay? or ?? As I said if he is not interested me, I do not wana bother him but I care. Thanks much!

    • You took the words outta my mouth

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