Guys and girls. What does it mean if I notice a boy look at me a lot?

Stories. Do not read.

Ok so my crush has looked at me a lot and a couple times he may have stared at me. I don't know, but today, he was getting his stuff out of his locker, and he was looking at me while he was doing that. And during track practice, we were stretching in a circle and I was a leader so I was in the middle and he went to the out side and he chose to sit right across from me. We were just a few feet across from each other. Another time my friend said that she saw him look at me a few times. He have me 2 high fives. And again, a lot of stories that happened to me were if him looking at me. We don't talk much. And he looks at me in a cute way. Maybe strangely I don't know.

So today, in gym we were put on each other's team for a game called hand ball, and his body was facing my direction and so was his head and I think he looked at me for a few seconds.

Then in track, when I was running on some stairs, he was going to get a drink of water maybe, I'm not exactly sure but while he was leaving the track, he turned his head towards the bleachers where I was at and he might have been looking at me


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  • He has interest in you if he has the erge to look at you so much. Ain't it obvious?

  • You've already asked this question under anonymous!

    • How do u delete a question

    • I'm not sure, just let it ride. Maybe someone who missed it the first time will catch it the second.

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