tried to text this girl I know and she's gone silent?

I had got her # off her Facebook page , I didn't actually ask for but anyways we had been friends and do know each other from around town and go to a lot of the same bars/clubs.

so anyways I tried to text her today and all I've got so far was a - who is this text? so I replied and said who it was and she hasn't even replied or anything , maybe she'll reply eventually but she appears to have gone silent and I'm not sure why. should I just give up on this idea or should I try texting her again


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  • If she doesn't answer, she's not interested.


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  • It may not be a good idea to try again. And maybe some thoughts are going through your head like: "Maybe her phone died.." or "Maybe she was busy and forgot.." but honestly I wouldn't try texting again.

    • but what if I see her in person? what should I say about my attempt to text her. or do you think she will just ignore me

    • Well if you are friends, you could do a slight playful comment like "what happened last night? (Or whenever you texted her) or just smile and not say anything. Asking about it in depth may come off as clingy.

  • If you see her, you could always ask but I wouldn't text her again, she might get a bit worried if she didn't even give you her number, sorry I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth

    • still it was posted on her fb page for a while so I don't know why she'd be so shocked I'd know what it was , but yeah I don't think i'll text her again was no reply at all

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