Question about first date.

I've been told by my brother that I'm supposed to give the girl the the ride to and from the first date. Since I'm only 16 that's an impossibility since I am without a drivers license or even a permit at this point. I know that my brother won't give us both a ride and I wouldn't want the embarrassment of having my parents drive us. I know she needs to get there but do I really need to give her a ride?


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  • No you don't have to give her a ride on the 1st date you just walk her to whatever place ya is going to and walk her back home.


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  • While walking does give ample time for conversation and getting to know each other, sometimes it not possible to walk to the place you're planning on going to unless you plan on a couple hour hike in each direction.

    Walking may be a good idea for the first date, however, if you can manage to plan something within walking distance I'd actually suggest doing that.

    If that's out the question and the girl you're interested in asking out has any decency she'll understand your predicament and will likely be in the same kind of situation as you. As such you could.

    -Meet each other at the location, each of you bumming rides from your parents.

    -If she has a license there's no shame in her driving, just be sure to foot the bill ;)

    -Bike to the location (providing the distance allows, of course)

    -Suffer through a ride with your parents.

    -While I know this option can be quite the nail biter and just seem overall terrifying, if it comes down to parents driving or no date at all, what's you're choice going to be?