Has this happened to anybody else?

So I asked this girl out on a date (It was the first time asking out, and would've been my first date) and we agreed on a time and a place. We where going to go hiking at 1:00 PM and see the new Captain America at 4:00 PM. So I showed up at the rendezvous spot and told her I was there, but got no response, so I hiked around for about an hour and sent her another message inquiring about her whereabouts. This one also got no response so I went inside the nature center at the center of all the paths to hang out. So at this point I was getting a little bit pissed and a little bit depressed because she didn't come. I was just about to send her another message that basically said that I was going home. I was about to send it, but then I thought to myself, "I bet her grandma like, had a heart attack or something, and thats why she's not here. I would feel like such a dick if that was the case." So I gave her another 30 minutes and then got a message from her (responding to my "where are you" message) that said, "At the hospital..." so I asked her if she was okay, and she said yes. I asked her why she was there, and lo and behold, she said her grandma had a heart attack, and I felt like a massive dick. I totally called it. After that she sent me a message saying that she was sorry she couldn't be there for me. At this point I activated my empathy mode and told her it was not her fault and we could reschedule. Keep in mind she was apologizing for not being there because her grandma had a heart attack, and she had a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. There was no way in hell I could fault her for not coming for that. Has any situations similar to mine happened to anybody?


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  • Damn..that's harsh , but yea..a guy I was suppose to met got ran over by a car and died, I found out from his parents...

    Nah I'm trolling but damn that's harsh

    • I know! One second I was like, "DID I JUST GET PLAYED? FUUUUUUUUUUUU" and the next I was like, "Damn, now I feel like a douche waffle. I am glad I controlled my message impulses." I don't know, life has some pretty good curve balls it can throw at the most unexpected of times. Take for example Necrotizing Fasciitis. www.google.com/search This bad skin infection with a mortality rate of 20% can happen from a pin prick. Excuse me as I go wash my hands for the umpteenth time...

    • Yea that skin condition makes my skin crawl from looking at it...

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  • Yep, I was supposed to go on a first date with a girl and I didn't hear anything from her when I tried to confirm via text. I finally sent one that said "cold feet?" She texted later and said that her dad was in the hospital after getting in a car accident. Fortunately it was not serious and he's okay. We rescheduled for a different time.

    • Haha, it appears this situation is pretty common.

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