How to initiate my first kiss? He's to shy and I'm getting impatient.?

So we both like each other that pretty much is known to both of us. But I guess even after we cuddled he didn't know, until I literally told him.

Before that when we cuddled I tried to give him signs like: looking into his eyes, licking my lips, and nuzzling his cheek. (I guess I kind of ruined my chances bc whenever he did get close I would look down shyly ). When we were going to part ways, I lingered to see if he would kiss me. :/

So I know he's shy and probably won't initiate it. We're going to prom together and probably going to see a movie after and then head over to my friends house for a movie night. At some point I would love to initiate our first kiss, MY FIRST KISS, and I'm scared of messing up. D; I get really nervous when I don't know how to do something and like to be good at what I do.

I don't want to be that dinner mess or something. So any tips on how to imitate it? I was thinking of giving him gentle kisses on his neck and move my way up.


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  • If you want the kiss, don't be afraid of initiating it. I guarantee he will not dislike it if you're the one who kisses him. He'll probably find it hot. I don't think your boyfriend will care if its not the perfect kiss either. Guys like it when a cute girl wants to get close with them, so your willingness to want to kiss him will turn him on.

    I suggest you do this when it's just the two of you together. That makes the moment more private and intimate. Try and exude confidence when you're kissing him too. Even if you're nervous, try your best to hide it. Just think of how much you want to kiss him and tell yourself that he feels the exact same way because he probably does!

    The situation that you're describing where you give him gentle kisses on his neck and moving up sounds like a great way to initiate it. That would certainly turn me on and I'm sure it would do the same to him.


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  • give him the hits no first kiss is perfects