What shall i say when i call him after a while?

Hello there
Iam dating a guy and we look cute as a couple but he didn't ask me to go steady with him yet.
Last time he text me he was like : hey? Why u dont call me at all. Its me calling u all the time. I answered him srry i was busy at work blah blah... And he asked me to go on a trip with him and i refused bcz i affraid maybe he is going to take advantage of me 😕 well iam a little bit pessimistic about guys
He was like : ehh allright and since that time till now he didn't text me or call me.. Like almost 3-4 weeks.
P.s he is a model and has many girls around him :((((
I wanna break the ice and call him,,, what should i say?


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  • You are calling him today
    "OK, I'm finally calling you to wish you Happy Easter & that I miss talking with you"

    NO - no travel if he's just going to have sex, he's got others for this


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  • You should have gone with him.. If you want to get into a relationship with anyone, the first step is, TRUST!
    If he tried doing anything you didn't like, you could tell him to stop! He would if he's a decent guy?
    Also, yes you should call him. tell him you were really busy.. lots of work and that you were constantly missing him but couldnt call because of the work pressure and you want to catch up with him. Ask him if he'd meet you out for coffee because you havnt been out for ages because of work. Make it look like you care for him and miss him. You won't look desp if you say this and he'll feel really good. He must be thinking you arnt interested in him at all because you rejected his request of the outing and also, didn't call him back.