Girl says she misses me but won't date me?

So this girl and i dated briefly in January.shortly after she started dating soother guy. however a few days ago we were texting and she was saying how she wonders what could have been, and she said she watched a few movies and text "wish it boughs could have been with you"
She texted later saying she can't keep it up, and not to text her?

But she won't get back with me?
Is she saying these things to save my feelings instead of telling me she didn't like me? Or does she want me to take it further?


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  • Typical girl who doesn't low what she wants in her life. Reminds me of my ex. Dump her.

  • She was the one that wanted to stop dating? What was her reason?
    Who knows what she wants. Girls are complicated, dating girls are even worse. No offence to any girls out there.
    There are girls that torment guys they date just for fun, others say things just because they need the attention, some really regret stuff they did and others simply have no idea what they want.
    She probably wasn't that serious about you, but this guy she's dating is nowhere near you, so she realizes she made a mistake and she doesn't know if to get back or to keep going.
    Ask her to talk to you if you want her back. Tell her these things she is saying are hurting you and ask for another chance.

    • She just got it of a long relationship. We were hanging out...not too serious cause I knew she needed space and time. So she met this other guy...said she saw more of a future with him. I guess they have had arguments...he went through her phone twice so far...