Would you date a guy who can't drive?

I can't drive because I'm legally blind. I'm a very kind and caring person. I would do anything reasonable for someone I love. How big of a role is driving to a guy?


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  • I would totally date a guy who can't drive if he is kind and caring and loves me. It's fun when a guy can drive and you can go places, but I find other things much more important.

    • I think most girls think like me and those who don't shouldn't bother you ^_^

    • Thank goodness. I thought not driving would be a burden for my girlfriend

    • If it is she isn't worth it.

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  • Having a car does not make you datable; only your personality does. Driving is just an asset; not a necessity. If she doesn't date you because you don't drive, then she wasn't worth it in the first place.


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  • I don't think that this would be a reason not to date somebody for most women and all the others are not really of your concern anyway :D

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