Should I text him after I said this (a long distance text communication)?

He is now abroad. We have been together for 7 months. He had to go and I am anxious where our relationship is heading because he texts me once in a week or so and it's only 'hi how are you'. I always give him space and let him initiate communication often.

Now last time I asked him if he has emotions for me. He didn't answer. I got upset at his silence and he said the question is difficult. I was upset and said that he does not care about my feelings by being quiet.

Now I know I may have 'cornered' him by my question and later by getting upset.

1.Will you get upset if your girlfriend told you 'you don't care'?
2. Is the emotions question so difficult?

I know he likes me a lot but with him forgetting me for days is a bad sign for me...


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  • hello

    well to answer your question, here's what i think :

    1- i may get upset but i dont show her that i am upset , contrary i try to make her feel that i care about her by not explaining to her that i care but to think about some gestures to make her see how much i care about her

    2- the emotions question can be difficult due to the situation , according to what i read your boyfriend is far away and maybe he is missing you too much and he doesn't want to answer your question on the phone or by texting you ,
    this question can be answered by actions and gestures and not only by words because words sometimes mislead us
    just be patient and think positive , if you feel that he likes you a lot then you need to give him and also give yourself more time to see how strong your relationship is , this is like a test for both of you to see how much u r attached to each-others

    hope everything will be ok for you ,
    have a nice day
    Best Regards


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