My guy friend kissed me and then?

I have a good guy friend, Jason. He's very flirty with me all the time but he knows that I wouldn't ever date him because of several reasons. The main one being that he's only 23 and I'll be 28 soon.

We always go out together and all... but this Friday night I got super drunk and he wasn't drinking much because he had to drive home. When we go out I usually end up paying for everything because I know he's young and doesn't make as much money as me. But when we were in the cab on the way to the bar I saw him make a face to his friend when he went to give money- no problem though. I paid for it. Then we get there I buy them both drinks and again his friend went to give money and I saw him make another hand gesture to him. At the end of the night my tab was over 100 bucks! I know that my Jason and his friend just kept getting drinks on my tab. Honestly though, I don't care because I want my friends to have a good time. Just didn't like how Jason was acting about it when I didn't even know his friend- I shouldn't be paying for all his drinks.

By the end of the night I was so drunk... and for whatever reason Jason pushed me up against the wall and pulled my face in and just made out with me. I kissed him back but then pushed him off and said no stop we are friends lol..

Then we had plans to go out the next night. I had a date before going out to party. I get to the bar and my date was leaving and I noticed Jason giving me the cold shoulder. I said to him that I was going to go home since he was ignoring me. and he said "yeah thats fine, bc I'm here with my friends and I can't be all lovey with you tonight"... I was totally shocked at that comment..

I don't even know how to take this situation. I told him in a text afterwards that I dont think he and I can be friends anymore. I was suppose to go to his families house today for Easter and didn't go.. I'm ignoring him. Why would he kiss me and then blame me?

the reason I'm shocked is because he was the one who asked me to go out with them.. so then to act like im all on him is wrong.. I feel so used. like used me to pay for him and his friend night out..and then blame me for being "lovey" wtf


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  • Okay from what I can see from your message. He was flirting with you, y'all go out, he didn't drink as much as you, kissed you, made plans and you went out with someone else before meeting him? I think he may have liked you but seeing you with someone else made him feel as if he was shot down completely. Hence the comment he made while you were leaving and may have felt like he had a 0% chance now.


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