Can it be saved ladies? need advice?

Hello, ok here it is.
Met a girl online we have been dating for about 2 months, there is a connection, she sees potential, the sex is fantastic for both, the passion is intense as well as effortless.

We are getting too close too fast and she needs to step back due to personal issues which are not me, its all internal for her and she feels she needs to get them right in fairness for her and me to be truly happy with her.

We had a fall out a week ago and we agreed to stop seeing each. Through many tears for both of us we simply stair at our phone waiting a call or text, and finally I couldn't resist. We are now talking again but we have to come to a balance of some sort because we simply enjoy each others company so much in person and text and talk.

I care about this woman a lot like I haven't felt in I can't remember, we are both between 29-35 both out of ltr which ended about the same time under a yr, and I just want her to be happy, but want to see her.
So we have decided to still hang out but we are to discuss how this will be. I feel this is so worth giving this a shot as she feels im one of kind being sensitive and kind and a passionate lover as do I with her, but its clear she is not ready for a full relationship or official dating but we don't want to be rid of one another.

I feel its awkward but yet feel its worth a shot with cuz I feel this woman is simply an amazing person. She feels strongly about me too but its the internal things she has to handle before moving forward officially.

Any suggestions to proceed without throwing this away?

she wants to see me but feels she just can't rush and has to battle those internal issues before she can begin that next chapter officially but still wants me in her life. Its frustrating as hell I won't deny any advice or recommendations


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  • Maybe she needs to talk about it. You can try, get her to explain her feelings and emotions and what's going on. Maybe if you do it you can grow stronger as a couple


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