How long should you date someone until you know you will not fall in love with them?

I've been seeing this perfect guy for about 5 months now. Because we are busy people, we only get to see each other once or twice a week at most. He's perfect on paper and very attractive. He does nothing wrong and has nothing end with him. He is very kind, attractive, smart, loyal, very for, etc etc. But I don't feel that emotional feeling for him. Like I am falling in love. Do I just need to give it more time or is she just not the right one for me? What's wrong with me? Is he too perfect? Am I just hung up on my past experiences? Did Hollywood paint an unrealistic picture of falling in love?


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  • i think you need more time, falling in love is not something we wait for , it happens when it happens and i think you should better stop thinking like that , because you may even go to pretend or tell yourself that you're in love with him because you dont wanna lose a guy with all the qualities you did mention ,,, best of luck

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  • Falling in love is an emotional connection, a spark set off by something one or both parties admire about each other.

    • If there is something bothering you from the past, is it hindering your heart from feeling for him?

  • Tbh in my experience you know deep down if you love him or not you can't make urself fall in love