Is it possible to text with a broken phone or is he a liar?

My BF texted me today saying his phone was broke. When I aske him if he was able to see my texts and what happened to it, he responded with "my phone fell in water and I can't even see the screen."
Now either he's really dumb for responding or... I don't know. Anyways when I texted back asking how was he able to see my texts and asking if he was going to get a new phone, he texted back yes.
Now I'm upset cause I feel like he's trying to lie to me but for no reason. I do believe his phone can be broke but I just don't believe him. How are u able to text with a broken phone?


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  • I understand this from that..
    He's phone broke and he couldn't see your messages and now he has a different phone and now he can see your texts.

    • Turns out I got mad for I reason. The phone was really broke.

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  • well if he can't see the screen how did he manage to pull up the messaging app and see the onscreen keyboard or who he was texting? what a load of crap and im surprised he even used it as an excuse.

    the only viable way this could be legit is if he put his sim card into another phone and is borrowing it to text you

    • He has one of those blackberry phones... I don't know if those have sims cards but either way I believe he's full of crap.

    • all phones have sim cards, even with a blackberry phone he still would have to be able to see the screen to find the messaging app, find you as a contact to write the message and see the replies to answer them so he obviously can see whats on the screen if he is using the same phone. tell he's the crappiest liar youve ever known

  • Wow he's dumb and a shit liar